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The collective has origins in the premiere of the first full length production of Aboriginal Australian theatre in LA. Produced in 2019 by United Stages at the Skylight Theatre in Los Feliz, the performance of Seven Stages of Grieving was where the Founding Four found each other. "Aboriginal people have a way of crossing paths no matter where we are in the world. Of course, it helped that we were all attending an Aboriginal theatrical production", said Samantha Cook who saw potential in creating space and support for each other.


Taking the idea forward, they were a successful recipient of support from the California Arts Council and co-signed by the Founders of United Stages to align visions and establish the collective.

Born out of a bigger idea - the United Stages Collective represents the opportunity for intersection and collaboration. While Aboriginal Australia kicks things off, it represents a change in environment for all creatives who want to color outside the lines, blur borders and create excellent work in Hollywood.

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